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Who in the world is Mori?

   Mori is ME! Even though it is not the name I go by in my daily life, Mori as a concept and identifier has slowly became a core part of my identity over the years. Inspired by the Latin name for the Silkworm moth: Bombyx Mori, Mori has become something that has defined my life and values and has helped me to discover more about myself.

What does "Mori" mean?

   To me, Mori means many things. While Mori is part of the Latin translation of Silkworm Moth, it also means "to die" in Latin. Death is something that has crept into every aspect of my life so over the years, I've come to accept it as a part of my existence. "Mememto Mori". "Remember that you will die". A phrase that originally was introduced to me in the wonderful series "A Series of Unfortunate Events" as a child, has influenced my view on life and my mortality. It has helped me to better live a life free of fear. By living each day with a reminder that every life is finite, I find myself more able to live in the moment. I don't believe that being aware of the end takes away from the meaning of any moment spent alive but rather that it adds more meaning by reminding us that each moment is precious.

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